Sleep Tracking

Sleep Data is missing

Ensuring your sleep data is accurately reflected in the Peaks app is essential for its optimal functionality. If you notice that sleep data is missing in Peaks, there are several steps you can follow to troubleshoot and resolve this issue.

Check Connection with Apple Health:

  • Ensure Peaks is connected to Apple Health. A detailed guide for this can be found here.

Verify Sleep Data in Apple Health:

  • Open the Health app.

  • Go to the 'Browse' tab and select 'Sleep'.

  • Scroll to the bottom and choose 'All Recorded Data'. Check if today's sleep data is present.

Syncing Issues:

  • If sleep data is missing, ensure the app or device you use for sleep tracking is correctly syncing data to Apple Health.

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© 2023 - 2024 Vogelhaus Apps GmbH