HRV data is missing

When trying to estimate your recovery score in the Peaks app, HRV (Heart Rate Variability) data is essential. If you're having trouble seeing HRV data, here are some detailed steps to troubleshoot this issue.

Confirm Apple Health Connection:

Check HRV Data in Apple Health:

  • Open the Apple Health app and verify if HRV data is present. No HRV data in Apple Health could indicate syncing issues.

Compatibility of Fitness Trackers:

  • Not all fitness trackers sync HRV data to Apple Health. Devices like Garmin and Fitbit, while capable of detecting HRV, may not transfer this data to Apple Health.

Device-Specific Settings:

  • Ensure that your wearable device (like an Apple Watch) is configured to record HRV data. This might require adjusting settings within the device's associated app.

Wearing the Device Correctly:

  • Incorrect wearing of the fitness tracker can result in inaccurate or missing HRV data. Make sure the device is worn as per the manufacturer's guidelines.

Garmin Devices and HRV Data:

  • Garmin Connect does sync a number of metrics to Apple Health, totaling 17 different types. However, as of now, HRV measurements are not among the metrics synced to Apple Health. There's a user discussion on the Garmin Forums expressing a desire for Garmin to add HRV as the 18th metric to sync to Apple Health​​​​. Garmin Forum , Garmin Support

Fitbit Devices and HRV Data:

  • Fitbit currently does not offer direct integration to sync heart rate data, including HRV, to Apple Health. The only officially supported app capable of receiving heart rate data from Fitbit is Strava. Fitbit does not show up as a data source in the Apple Health app, and the company's policy generally restricts access to this data to other commercial apps​​​​. Fitbit Community , Fitbit Community

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