How is my Rhythm estimated?

A guide to how Peaks uses data to decipher your body's internal clock.

Your Body's Natural Clock

Circadian rhythms serve as your body's inherent timekeepers, influencing our sleep-wake cycle, energy fluctuations, and overall productivity. Naturally oscillating over a 24-hour cycle due to environmental signals such as light and darkness, these rhythms can help or hinder us, depending on how well our activities align with them.

Calculating your Circadian Rhythm

By bridging data from Apple Health — including your sleep patterns, heart rate variability, and movement — Peaks crafts a detailed picture of your circadian rhythm.

Initially, Peaks garners a foundation from your sleep data, learning your bedtime and wake patterns to establish a basic understanding of your sleep-wake rhythm.

As a next step, Peaks delves deeper—analyzing your sleep quality, recognizing sleep debt, monitoring heart rate oscillations—to further refine its understanding of your rhythm. Each one of these metrics is evaluated relative to established health benchmarks and your personal historical data, ensuring your Peaks insights are unique to you.

The collective result of these computations translates into an "Energy Potential Score." By assigning different weights to each metric, Peaks fine-tunes the significance of each factor, determining its impact on your overall score. This person-centric approach ensures the insights you receive are truly relevant to you.

Whether you provide extensive health metrics or just a few, Peaks adapts to offer meaningful insights. If you're an Apple Watch user, you'll benefit from an even more nuanced understanding of your rhythm through a richer data set.

Your Privacy, Our Priority

Peaks respects the deep importance of personal data security. All analyses are conducted entirely on your device, upholding your privacy and ensuring that your health data remains confidential. Peaks is committed to securing your health data while delivering personalized insights.

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© 2023 - 2024 Vogelhaus Apps GmbH