Why do I need to connect to Apple Health?

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Harnessing Biomarkers to Gauge Energy

Peaks calculates your energy forecast by analyzing a collection of crucial biomarkers, or specific indicators of various bodily functions. The more of these biomarkers Peaks accesses, the more accurately it can estimate your energy levels throughout the day. Crucially, much of this information comes from Apple Health.

Which Data Peaks Uses and Why

To maintain transparency, it's crucial for us to clarify which biomarkers Peaks accesses from Apple Health and how it uses this information.

Sleep Data for Circadian Rhythm Analysis

Purpose: To estimate your circadian rhythm and energy levels.

Data Used: Sleep-wake cycles, sleep stages.

Understanding when you sleep and wake up allows Peaks to identify the patterns of your circadian rhythm. Additionally, Peaks evaluates sleep stages to gauge sleep quality, accounting for how refreshed you might feel when you wake up.

Vital Statistics for Personalized Insights

Purpose: To gauge your restfulness.

Data Used: Age, height, weight, VO2 max, HRV, heart rate.

Factors like age, height, weight influence your energy levels and recovery times. By considering these metrics, Peaks ensures its analyses and insights are personalized. Peaks also uses biomarkers like heart rate variability (HRV) and heart rate to assess your recovery state.

Privacy First—Always

We consider health data to be deeply personal and private. That's why Peaks processes all health data directly on your device. We never collect or store this data elsewhere.

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© 2023 - 2024 Vogelhaus Apps GmbH