Sleep Tracking

Connecting with a Sleep Tracking App or Fitness Tracker

To maximize Peaks' analysis of your energy potential and sleep patterns, integrating with sleep tracking apps is incredibly beneficial.

Pairing Peaks with a Fitness Tracker

Peaks imports data securely via Apple Health, meaning your personal data always stays on your device, ensuring your privacy.

Steps to Connect Your Fitness Tracker to Apple Health:

  1. Navigate to your fitness tracker's settings or connectivity options.

  2. Locate the option to sync or connect with Apple Health, and enable it.

Specific instructions very for different trackers, such as:

Peaks can only access data your fitness tracker has successfully synced to Apple Health. If you don't see expected data in Peaks, verify that it's in the Apple Health App.

Using Peaks with Sleep Tracking Apps

Beyond fitness trackers, dedicated sleep tracking apps can offer a more detailed view of your sleep habits.

Apple Clock: Your Apple device automatically captures when you went to bed and woke up. Although it doesn't provide in-depth sleep stages, it gives Peaks a basic framework to work off.

Other Apps: Various sleep tracking apps, once connected to Apple Health, can provide rich data for Peaks. Some apps confirmed to work with Peaks include:

Connecting Sleep Apps to Apple Health:

  1. Open your preferred sleep tracking app.

  2. Navigate to its settings or connectivity options.

  3. Find an option to sync or connect with Apple Health, and enable it.

Remember, Peaks can only use data that your sleep tracking app successfully shares with Apple Health.

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© 2023 - 2024 Vogelhaus Apps GmbH