Peaks estimates your biorhythm to enhance your sleep, energy, and productivity.

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Flo & Clemens


iOS & watchOS

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Apple Health

Your tool for understanding and aligning with your inner clock:
→ Tap into your unique rhythm
→ Tailor routines based on your energy levels
→ Improve sleep quality
→ Sustain high energy levels throughout the day
→ Lift productivity

Integrate Peaks into your daily life effortlessly with smart features:
→ Seamless integration with your Apple Watch
→ Informative widget for easy access from your Home Screen and Lock Screen
→ Deep analysis of your sleep and energy peaks

Peaks shines in scenarios such as:
→ Pinpointing the optimal time to exercise
→ Maintaining focus during intensive tasks & study sessions
→ Optimizing sleep schedules
→ Navigating the ups and downs of your daily energy levels

With Peaks, understanding your circadian rhythm - the internal clock that governs sleep, energy, and productivity - becomes a seamless, empowering experience. Peaks decodes and tracks your unique rhythm from your Apple Health data and crafts personalized routines to align with your rhythm. This alignment leads to a well-balanced day with improved sleep, sustained high energy, and boosted productivity.

Widgets & Apple Watch

Easily check your data from your home screen using our widget or get quick insights on the go on your Apple Watch.

Routines & Notifications

Routines are scheduled with your unique rhythm in mind. Whether it's pinpointing the perfect time to exercise or highlighting when you're most productive, Routines help align your daily activities along your rhythm. Plus, with timely notifications, you'll always stay in sync with your personalized routines and never miss your optimal moments.

Calendar Export

Seamlessly export your personal energy patterns—grogginess, peaks, dips, and wind-down times—into your calendar. Schedule tasks strategically by aligning them with your natural energy flow. This enables you to tackle high-focus activities, meetings, and relaxation at optimal times.


Adjust the style of your rhythm visualization so it suits your preferences, or select a alternative app icon to make Peaks truly your own.


All your data stays secure on your device or in iCloud. Any data we collect is anonymized and used solely for improving Peaks - you can opt out anytime. We use Apple Health (HealthKit) to process your fitness data directly on your device, ensuring it never leaves your hands.

Fact Sheet

  • Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish

  • Price: Peaks is free to use, additional features such as all routines and more customization are part of peaks pro at 24,99$ / year or 4,99$ / month . If you need a license to test the app feel free to contact us.

  • Platforms: iOS 16+, WatchOS 10+

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About the Developer

Peaks is build by a two person indie team based in Vienna. We also share our journey as indie developers on social media.

Peaks is a wellness and lifestyle optimization tool, not meant for medical diagnosis or treatment. Always consult with a healthcare professional for medical advice.



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Calendar Export



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